Thursday, March 8, 2018

Overjoyed Tribute to my friend Steveland Morris AKA Stevie Wonder

Hey friends, Jon Gibson here. I've been wanting to post a video of me playing and singing this Stevie Wonder masterpiece "Overjoyed" for years but I've only attempted it live at a club or event when there is a lot of adrenaline flowing.  If you've ever tried to sit down and play this song on piano and sing it at the same time, you'll understand why people have refereed to Stevie Wonder as"The 8th Wonder of the world.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hangin' With Friends

God has blessed me with some pretty cool friends and I thought it would be a good way start my blog with a little story about a party I went to last week at my friend Rich William's house.  Rich is a LT. Col in the Air Force, he also flies for Delta.  I met Rich 15 years ago when a security guard backstage at my concert  said to my wife and I "Uh, there's a guy out here who say's he's your pilot?"  My quick witted wife replied "Yes, that's right, send him in."  She's always right, Rich was an officer and a gentlemen. He told us that his co-pilot handed him a cassette tape of my album "Body and Soul" and how the music got them through some tough times in combat.  Rich called me last week and invited me to his daughter's graduation party.  Rich has three handsome kids; Randy (the oldest) Bryan (old enough to drive) and lovely and talented Kayla (the graduate).  I've met some cool people through Rich and one of them is Mr. Mitch, the handsome 90 year old member of the original Tuskegee Airman who flew red tailed P-51 Mustangs in WWII.  Mitch was one of the first African American pilots in the Air Force and he was coming to the party.  Rich's son Bryan picked me and my three sons Jonathon (14), James (13) and young Jesse (5) up from my home and drove us to Rich's house.  On the way, Bryan asked me "How's the thing going with Stevie?" Stevie Wonder and I have been friends now for more than two decades and have worked together on a few things.  Bryan had heard from Rich about Steve (as I call him) called me last month to discuss working on a project together.  I replied reluctantly "We'll, I haven't heard anything yet." After all, this is the "Eight Wonder of The World" we're talking about here. He doesn't just call folks without a purpose and I was willing to wait.  Then I thought to myself I have Steve's cell number in my phone, why not just call him.  So I say to Bryan "I should call him, in fact, I'll just call him right now."  So, I dial the number and put it on speaker phone so that young Bryan can hear Steve's message as he's always singing a little tune but he answers.  I don't know how to shut off the speaker on the phone so I chat with Steve for 15 minutes as we drive.  My kids aren't even paying attention in their own world in the back of the mini van.  Bryan just smiled as we drove.  I asked Steve if I called him later that evening would he answer as I wanted to introduce him to Mr. Mitch and my friend Rich Williams.  Steve said sure.  At the party, Mr. Mitch strolls in and I seat him at my table, at least it became my table.  I asked him if he had ever met Stevie Wonder and he said no, that he hadn't but that he had romanced a young lady once using one of his songs, one about Steve's daughter.  I asked "Isn't She Lovely?"  "That's the one!" he replied as he chuckled a bit.  Then I said "Mr. Mitch, this phone is going to ring and when it does, Stevie Wonder is going to be on the other end and he wants to meet you."  "Oh, alright then" Mr. Mitch replied so genteelly.  Steve calls and speaks with Mr. Mitch and then to Rich Williams for 20 minutes or so.  Then Rich hands me the phone without saying anything but giving me that look like "Man? Shoot!"  I hang up the phone and ask Rich "What'd he say, what he say?"  Rich smiled sympathetically "Well, he wanted to speak with you again."  Ooops!  Only I would accidently hang up on Stevie Wonder.  Oh well, nonetheless, Rich told me that Steve wanted to take a picture with Mr. Mitch and that Rich would escort him to the photo shoot.  I'll let you know how that goes as it happens.   Thanks for reading and I hope you find this tale and those to follow, God willing, both interesting and entertaining.  As for now, I bid you a good day or evening and may God bless you all.

Love, Jon Gibson